Why Buy A Dachshund?

If you want a dog that will make passerby’s smile as you walk him, get a dachshund. The don’t shed like most dogs. Most people with allergies can own a dachshund and breathe easy. They don’t smell. They wash out like a hankie. If kids are good to them, they’ll be good with kids.

They were bred to go down Badger holes – alone – so they are independent. They’re dedicated ball players. But mostly, they’re lovers. They want to be with you. If you work all day, he’ll sleep in a crate, cage, play pen or baby gated in the kitchen and be delighted when you finally come home. He would like to sleep with you, but he should first be trained to a crate.

If he is well socialized (taken everywhere and introduced all over) when he’s young and continuing as he grows, he’ll love everyone. When you go to Grandma’s, take his crate and or play pen and he’ll have his own little home with him. He’ll be content and be little bother.