Honeyman’s Miniature Dachshunds

Where Our Dachshunds Place Footprints Upon Our Hearts!

Note:  Our Puppies are born, loved and raised in “Our Home” with us and our two Granddaughters.

We are not a retail operation nor a Pet Store for complete strangers to just drop in.

All Prospective Parents are carefully screened and go through an application process.

If interested in welcoming one of our Babies into your family, please submit a “Puppy Application” using the website link and feel free to follow that with an email and or phone call.

AKC inspected and Found in Complete Compliance

A couple of our Boys and Girls of the past enjoying the show ring!

If you are looking for a potential show puppy or just a family companion puppy….at Honeyman’s Miniature Dachshunds you can be confident you will receive a well-bred happy, healthy, beautiful and well socialized puppy.

  • Honeyman’s is a small family orientated Hobby/Show Breeder in Ohio and we only have around 4 litters a year.  We have enjoyed sharing the love of the Dachshund Breed with others over the past years.  We are not a kennel.  Our Adults and Babies share our home and many times our beds, as well as our hearts. They are much loved pets, and all have wonderful, loving temperaments.
  • Our Babies are whelped and raised in our home, well acclimated with other people, children and dogs.  They are given lots of play time, socialization, training and much love and care.  Our Babies are bred for a lifetime of unconditional love & affection, home raised and pre-spoiled.  It’s unfortunate that we can’t keep them all because we fall in love with each and every one of them.

The Litters are carefully planned with the primary goal of producing Quality Miniature Dachshund puppies.  Health, longevity, conformation, and temperament are our #1 priorities.  We believe in Quality not Quantity and are always looking for that next little show puppy.

The Puppies receive all age-appropriate vet exams, worming & vaccination before they go to their new homes.  We worm our babies at 2 – 4 – 6 & 8 weeks.  They will have had their 1st shots and their last health check at our veterinarian at seven – eight weeks of age.  At 3 1/2 to 4 weeks of age they come out of the whelping box into a large puppy play pen in our living room.  It is there that they start their potty pad & litter box training. the Babies are also getting socialized with everyone else in the home and used to all the normal household noises.

Our Adults have their yearly vet health exams, receive all their vaccinations, including monthly heart worm preventative and are wormed regularly.

We provide shot – worming & health records, 17-page information booklet on Puppies and Dachshunds, Baby pictures, blanket & toys with sibling & moms scent, and a written 1-year Health Guarantee/Sales Agreement.  Both of which protects the Buyer, the Breeder and most importantly the Puppy.

We have smooth (short hair), wire coats and long coats in various colors. These include English Cream, Red, Black & Tan or Cream, Chocolate & Tan or Cream, in solid, dapple, piebald and dapple piebald.  We also have the “no tan point” gene in some of our lines, so we get solid Black and solid Chocolate.  Double dapples are not done here as there are way too many cons and genetic defects to this type of breeding.  Nor do we breed the Blue or Fawn Isabella coats due to the alopecia that can run in many of those dilute lines.

Reserves Required:   a Reserve of $300.00 for (Retiree’s) $950.00 or below.  A Reserve of $300.00 for young adults $950.00 – $1000.00.  $350.00 Reserve is required for all others.  Normal prices for our Puppies is $1500.00 to $1800.00.  All on companion/pet only with spay/neuter contracts.  This Reserve is required to hold the Puppy of your choice.  ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.   All Puppy costs, which are paid by the Purchaser, (If applicable) must be paid in full before the Puppy leaves with you to its new home.

Prices are quoted as “Pet Only” on a Sales Agreement and Spay/Neuter Contract.  If interested in Full AKC Registration with Breeding & Show rights, please contact us.  We are very selective when it comes to giving Full AKC Registration and it is normally on a very strict show contract only.

(ATTENTION):  I do NOT ship my puppies as I feel this is not in the best interest of my Babies.  There are 4 ways for us to accommodate you in getting one of our Puppies:

  1. We will continue to meet new prospective families until such a time we can start having home visits again.
  2. I will continue to be happy to drive and meet my new Parent’s halfway for a reasonable delivery fee.  I have driven up to 8 hours to meet new Parent’s.
  3. You may fly in to meet me at the Dayton, Cincinnati, or Columbus Airport and then fly back home with the Puppy as your carry-on.  Most Airports charge a $125.00 to $150.00 fee for the Puppy ticket.
  4. You are more than welcome to purchase a round trip Airline Flight for me to deliver your Puppy to an Airport of your choosing.  You would need to reserve the Puppy’s ticket when you make the arrangements.  Then you would need to forward me the money for the Puppies ticket as I would have to purchase it here at my end.

All Puppies must be at least 8 weeks of age before transferring to their new homes and many are 9 – 10 weeks before they are ready to leave our home and their siblings. 

We do not knowingly deal with Pet Stores, Puppy Brokers or Puppy Mills.

 We reserve the right to refuse the sale of a puppy to anyone in question.  We want our Puppies to have the best forever homes, with People that will LOVE them as a new addition to their family.  All of our new Parents are assured that they have a lifetime of support from us with open communication lines for the lifetime of their new baby.

References from Past Puppy Purchasers and our Veterinarians are available upon request.

Our Motto is:  Dachshund’s are just like Potatoe chips…You can’t have just one!!  The only Breed that we raise are Miniature Dachshunds and our lives wouldn’t be complete without our “Wanna Be Bigger Dogs”!

We do accept Credit/Debit Card Payment through Pay Pal only for the Reserve.

We also accept US Postal Money Orders and Cash.

On the day your Puppy is picked up, all delivery fees and remainder on the Puppy is CASH ONLY!

Please Contact us at:

Leslie Honeyman


Phone:  937-524-1207

Never Forget Your Baby’s Breeder:

I am not just a Breeder.  I helped bring your precious baby into the world, your gift, your precious blessing.  I was the first to hold your precious baby in my hands.  I was the first to see its eyes open and watch its first attempts at trying to walk.  I was the first to feed your baby and wean it from its Mommy.  I was the first to play with your baby and take its sweet little baby pictures.

I am not just a Breeder. I was your Baby’s first at so many things in its beginning of life.  I promise I have done everything in my power to raise your baby to be healthy, and a well socialized baby for your family to love forever.  I may make mistakes sometimes as we all do through life, but I want to know I try my best to be a good first Mommy for you baby.

I am not just a Breeder.  I am a Fur Mommy and I take a lot of pride in that job.  God blesses us with the babies that we are given.  These babies are so precious to me and my family.  We love them, kiss them, socialize them and adore them.  I am very selective of where my babies are placed.  After all, you are not just getting a puppy, you are getting one of our family members.  When you take your baby home a small piece of our heart goes with you.  We work so hard caring for our babies, their health and their safety.  We love what we do and as always, we try to do our best.  We love updates, pictures and videos.  Those are important too.  It helps reassure us that we have chosen the best family to love our precious baby.  Your baby’s life begins here with us.

So please don’t forget us as the precious puppy grows into a beautiful adult.  Because remember, while you are its everything, its last…We were its first.

Author Unknown….

Hugs & Smiles

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