Sales Agreement/Health Guarantee/Contract

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Sales Agreement/Health Guarantee/Contract

I, Leslie Honeyman, Breeder/Seller, of Troy, Ohio, do hereby agree to the sale of (1) canine of the following description:

Breed:  Mini-Dachshund     Sex:  _____         Date of Birth:  __________

Color:  _________________                                          Pattern: ________

Coat:  ________________  

Dame:  Honeyman’s                                                 AKC#  HP______

Sire:    Honeyman’s _____                                     __ AKC#  HP______

Litter Reg #_ n/a__ Call Name: ______  aka__________________________          

This canine is sold with: ___Full Reg ___Limited Reg _X_Pet only (no registration given when sold as pet only)

Purchase Price:  _____________   Delivery/Meet Fee: $____________ (includes gas and/or travel expenses if Breeder is meeting family halfway or delivering full trip)

Boarding fee $50.00 a week if purchaser requests breeder keep the baby for a longer period of time.  $____________

Non-refundable Reserve Price:______       Date Paid: ____________

(The reserve is your surety that I will not sell the puppy you have chosen to anyone else and my guarantee that you will be purchasing the puppy that has been placed on hold for you, therefore, it is non-refundable.) (Deposit To be paid with cash or US Postal Money Order or Pay Pal) Final Payment Cash Only.

Remaining Balance:  $______ (CASH ONLY) Date Paid: upon pick-up_________

__Breeder guarantees that the dog described above is a purebred Dachshund with AKC registered parents.

__Breeder guarantees that the dog described above is in good health at the time of purchase.

__Breeder CAN NOT guarantee the adult size (we can provide an estimate based on the size of the Puppies Mother and Father), conformation, color, or temperament of the dog.

*I,__________________________ (the Buyer) of (city/town) *____________________  County of_*____   ______ ___,  *state of_________________do hereby agree to buy the above mentioned Canine, and agree to the following terms and conditions.

All of our pups come with this guarantee, sold as pet, companion, breeder or show.

We strive to have happy, satisfied, pleased customers, who will have years of pleasure from their new member of their family, and will tell their friends of our Dachshunds and Guarantee.  Our intentions are to sell healthy, quality puppies.

Honeyman’s Dachshund’s requires you to take your new puppy to a veterinarian, of your choice, for an initial health evaluation, within 3 business days from the date of receiving for our “New Puppy Agreement/Health Guarantee” to be in effect.  If the puppy is not checked within the stated amount of time, the seller/breeder is under no obligation to accept the return of the dog or to refund any of the purchase price of the dog.  If the dog is not yet vet-checked, the breeder is not responsible in any way for any problems that may occur after the stated 3 business day period.  Should your puppy be diagnosed with a serious health problem at time of evaluation, Honeyman’s Dachshund’s is to be notified immediately.  This does not include: whip, round, hook and or any other types of worms. This also does not include: coccidia, giardia and or campy, as these are bacterial infections that can be picked up anywhere. A copy of the licensed veterinarian’s diagnosis must be sent to us along with his signature, license number, phone number and address.  Honeyman’s Dachshunds will not accept injuries that have occurred after leaving our premises as any excuse for a refund.

__If you have made a mistake in taking on the responsibility of owning a new puppy regardless the reason, you may return the puppy to us at any time.  There will be no refunds or exchanges in this instance.  Honeyman’s Dachshund’s is not responsible for any veterinarian costs after the puppy leaves the premises with the new owner or purchaser.  The actions and upbringing of the dog is the responsibility of the new owner.  Under no circumstances is the breeder responsible for the dog’s behavior once it leaves the breeders possession.

__Honeyman’s Dachshund’s guarantees for one year against hereditary or congenital life-threatening detrimental birth disorders that may interfere with the puppy’s ability to lead a normal life.  (A detrimental genetic defect is determined as one that is life threatening, will cause imminent death or the need for euthanasia). 

__Honeyman’s Dachshunds are also not responsible for any issues or hereditary genes associated with dachshunds of a “dilute” coat, such as the alopecia gene. The buyer agrees in signing this contract, that Honeyman’s Dachshunds is not responsible should any problems with said puppy/dog of such coat or skin issues arise.

__Our guarantee does not include Kennel cough, or other problems such as coccidian (normally caused by the stress), which are common to occur in puppies being delivered or transported to new homes. Honeyman’s Dachshunds are not responsible for any sickness, illness, or allergies that might occur to puppy/dog due to stress caused by change in environment, residence, or atmosphere once they leave our premises. These are usually caused by a bacteria, virus, and air-born disease.  Kennel cough, like the common cold, must run its course, on its own is not life threatening.  There are other certain disorders this guarantee does not cover that may be caused by environmental factors:  allergies, thyroid dysfunction, démodé tic mange and other auto immune disorders (puppy strangles) etc.

__Conditions are listed and limited to HEART, KIDNEY, LIVER & HIP DYSPLASIA ONLY (Veterinarian conformation is required).  A licensed veterinarian must supply the breeder with a written diagnosis and be signed with his license number, phone number & address.  (At the breeder’s request, a second opinion may be required, from a non-affiliated veterinarian, at the expense of the buyer).

__Honeyman’s Dachshund’s requires a Necropsy (animal autopsy for verification of cause of any death within the guarantee period.

No other conditions are covered by this contract.

__Should a life-threatening birth defect develop, we will give another puppy of equal value, from one of our litters, when available, to do with as you please.  You may either keep, or sell the replacement puppy, to offset your care of the original pup, should you decide to keep him/ her.  You may keep your original puppy or return him/her to us.  (You will be responsible for all shipping expenses, to either return, if you choose to, or to have a replacement puppy shipped).  No money will be refunded, no veterinarian, hospitalization, laboratory no medication will be paid by the breeder, should you decide to keep the puppy.  It would be your choice, to pay for all needed care and expenses.

__Note this is not a cosmetic guarantee, example like baby teeth not falling out, navel hernia or hernias, over or under bites, patella’s, kink in tail, dew claws, to mention a few.   

__We do not pay for your vet bills, which could amount, should anything be wrong with your puppy, or if a congenital or genetic birth defect were to develop (or for any other reason).   This is due to some of the tests being very expensive and often unnecessary.  The decision and responsibility is yours, if you should decide to hospitalize, have treatment done or have any tests run.

__Your puppy will have vaccinations to date of age and be from parent’s current on all vaccination and worming, in good health and none that we are aware of carry any genetic defects.  Do not take your puppy to public parks or alike nor around sick dogs that may carry the common canine viruses, bacterial diseases etc.  Until all puppy vaccinations are given, these common canine viruses and diseases are very contagious and often deadly.  There is no excuse to miss a puppy vaccination at regularly scheduled times.  YOUR veterinarian will tell you when he or she advises it.  We recommend 4 puppy vaccinations (WITHOUT LEPTO) with the last puppy shot given at 16 – 17 weeks of age. The yearly booster (ADULT SHOT CONTAINING LEPTO) should not be given until due at 14 months.  We keep all of our parents and pups to date on vaccinations.  (We do not guarantee against these common canine diseases or viruses, should your puppy come into contact with any of them.  Your puppy is not fully protected until all series of vaccinations are given.  I cannot state the importance of this enough.  Your puppy’s life could depend on it).

__At the time of all sales, we believe our puppies to be in good health.  Puppies that are being shipped, will have a veterinarian health certificate and been passed healthy for travel.  All puppies will be placed on the airlines in good health and clean.  They will have all shots to date for their age, and will have been wormed.  All of our puppies have their last health checked by a certified veterinarian at 7 – 8 weeks of age.

 __The Purchaser is aware that owning a puppy, means trips to the veterinarian and understands that he/she will be responsible for their puppy’s proper care, and to keep their pup current on all vaccinations and de-worming.

__We advise that you keep your new pup away from any other dog(s) in your house until your veterinarian has given your puppy a clean bill of health.  We will not be responsible for the spreading of Kennel cough, coccidian or any other disease, virus, etc, that your puppy may have come into contact with during shipping, or transportation, etc. 

Should your puppy, at this first visit, be found to have worms or coccidian, do not allow him/her to be around any of your dogs, as we will not be responsible of spreading to your other dogs.  Ask your veterinarian the amount of time to keep them separate.

We worm all our adults and puppies with Pyrantel & Panacur.  Our puppies are wormed at 2 – 4 – 6 – & 8 weeks of age.  Some puppies have more worms than others and our worming might not have gotten rid all worms and eggs.  Like most other animals, dogs are plagued by a wide variety of internal and external parasites.  Unfortunately, many of these parasites have complex life cycles which enable them to survive even in the best-kept households.  Also coccidian can sometimes surface from stress, which can be brought on by traveling to their new home, leaving their environment and parents, etc.

__This guarantee is offered to the original buyer (Purchaser) from the breeder, and not transferable nor honored to any other party.

__You will be asked to sign and date this guarantee, at time of meeting, stating that you have read, understand, agree and accept in full, the terms of this guarantee and statements, before your puppy is released to you.  If you are having your puppy delivered, you will be required to sign this guarantee stating that you have read, understand, agree and accept in full, the term of this guarantee and statements therein.  You will then be required to have a copy made of the agreement/guarantee and mail or email back to the seller a copy of the signed & dated agreement/guarantee.  Once the Breeder receives the signed & dated copy, puppy and delivery or meet halfway fee paid in full, arrangements for your puppy to be delivered to you will be made. 

 In conclusion:  Give love like your pet does, unconditionally and without question.

__If you have made a mistake in taking on the responsibility of owning a new puppy or can no longer care for the puppy/dog, regardless the reason, you must return the puppy/dog to us (all AKC papers if supplied, medical records and puppy packet must be returned to seller).  If at any time (later in the puppy/dog’s life) the purchaser decides to sell or give this puppy/dog away, the seller must be notified and be given 1st choice on taking back the puppy/dog.  Under no circumstances is the dog to be placed in a pet store, animal shelter, rescue or similar establishment. There will be no refunds or exchanges in either of these instances and all travel/return expenses will be paid by purchaser.  Honeyman’s Dachshunds is not responsible for any veterinarian costs after the puppy leaves the premises with the new owner or purchaser.

 The breeder/Seller makes no warranties or guarantees, express or implied, other than those written in this agreement including, without limitation, the warranties of merchantability and fitness.  This document constitutes the entire agreement between the Breeder/Seller and the Buyer with legal respect to this sale.  In the event of litigation of any kind, Venue and Jurisdiction shall lie exclusively in the Breeder/Seller’s court and state and any and all legal fees arising from said litigation shall be paid in full by the Buyer.

The Buyer’s signature below indicates that He/She has read, agrees with, and does understand the conditions of this sales agreement contract.  

*Dated the Month of ________________Day_______        ___ _____Year________

*Buyer’s Digital Signature_____                                ___ ___________________

*Buyer’s Printed Name: ______________________________                __________

*Buyer’s Address____________________________________________                      __________________                         ___________                                        _____

*Phone (Home)____________  (Cell)  ____________   (Cell)    _________________

*Email: ___________________________________________________________                    

Dated the Month of _____________     Day____ ____________Year_____________

Breeder/Seller’s Digital Signature__ _ Leslie Honeyman _______          ____

Breeder/Seller’s Printed Name_ Leslie Honeyman_________________________

Breeder/Seller’s Address:_Troy,  Ohio  45373-3915_______

Phone (Home) 937-339-6766 (Cell) 937-524-1207


Spay/Neuter Agreement

  Puppy Name  “___________   aka   ______________”   


Coat/Sex:  _________________

 Born:  ______________  

Dame:_Honeymans ____________

Sire:_ Honeyman’s ______________

The above described puppy has been sold as pet only with no AKC Registration Paper given. The buyer is required to have the puppy spayed/neutered before 7 months of age.  

Veterinarian conformation is required. A licensed Veterinarian must supply the breeder with a written conformation and be signed with his name, license number, phone number and address.  Dog/Puppy will be forfeit back to the Breeder if not Spayed/Neutered by 7 months of age and confirmation supplied to Breeder.

By the signature below, I*_______________________(new owner), agree to have this puppy spayed/neutered by no later than __________ (the date puppy turns 6 months old) and I understand that this spay/neuter agreement is an agreement that this dog will not produce a litter of puppies either as purposely bred or by accidental breeding.

By accepting the above-described puppy, the buyer agrees to be bound by the provisions of this Spay/Neuter Agreement.

*Buyer’s signature: ________________________________   Date:  __-___-____

*Breeder’s Digital signature: _Leslie Honeyman___    Date:____-__-_____

You must provide breeder with proof from a certified veterinarian, of the spay, or neuter. Before the age 7 months of age.  (Veterinarian conformation is required. A licensed Veterinarian must supply the breeder with a written conformation and be signed with his license number, phone number and address.